Incidental customers

Consider the following story;

As a web master, I want a captcha so that we reduce spam

This looks like a reasonable story.  However, I think there is a problem with this story – the web master role is incidental.

What I mean is the web master role is incidental to the implementation technology.  If we changed the technology we implemented our solution in the role of web master would be replaced.

However, the requirement to reduce spam by some sort of manual input (captcha) would remain.

The real customer in this example could be the marketing department or customer service who don’t want to waste time on customers that aren’t real.


Accessing github through a http proxy

Accessing gitub can be difficult at work;  ssh tunneling is often blocked by firewalls and proxies make it difficult to use http.

The solution is to set the http_proxy environment variable;

export http_proxy=[PROXY_SETTING]

You can now clone a public git repository over http.

However, this is only half the solution as private repositories use https so this setting doesn’t work.

The solution is the similar https_proxy environment variable.  Set this with the below command;

export https_proxy=[PROXY_SETTING]

You can now clone public and private repositories with http and https through your companies proxy.